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Montana Knifemakers Association
MKA Officers & Board
President: Bob Crowder
Vice President: Jim Raymond
Secretary: Nancy McLaughlin
Treasurer: Nancy McLaughlin
Board of Directors:
Rick Wheeler
Mac McLaughlin
John Wengrzynek
Sandy Raymond
Mark Huston
How to Join MKA
Membership to the MKA costs $25 a year for knifemakers, $15 a year for collectors and associates, and $5 more to add your spouse.

Members receive newsletters, chances to learn with other makers, notification about upcoming hammer-ins, free admission to the annual show and the chance for striking up a friendships with some great fellow knife makers.

For membership info contact:
Nancy McLaughlin
1439 S. 5th W
Missoula, MT 59801   USA
406-728-2861 or email