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The Montana Knifemakers Association, which was started in 1994, is a non-profit educational organization to further the art of knifemaking through seminars at the annual show in Missoula, MT, hammer-ins, and sponsored two day one-on-one learning experiences with other members. Among the founding members were Rick Dunkerley, Ed Caffrey, Barry Gallagher, Shane Taylor, Dan Nedved, Bob Crowder, Lyle Brunkhorst, George Conklin, Mel Fassio, Bryan Peele, Gerome Weinand, Lyle Bainbridge. Recently, organization members have been involved in teaching knifemaking to high school seniors working on their senior projects.

Our members are custom knifemakers who are dedicated to perfecting their craft and providing their customers with quality products. Our members are highly proficient, and emphasize the highest quality in both their workmanship and in their business ethics.

Montana Knifemakers Association
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Montana Knifemakers Association
MKA Officers & Board
President: Bob Crowder
Vice President: Jim Raymond
Secretary: Nancy McLaughlin
Treasurer: Nancy McLaughlin
Board of Directors:
Rick Wheeler
Mac McLaughlin
John Wengrzynek
Sandy Raymond
Mark Huston
How to Join MKA
Membership to the MKA costs $25 a year for knifemakers, $15 a year for collectors and associates, and $5 more to add your spouse.

Members receive newsletters, chances to learn with other makers, notification about upcoming hammer-ins, free admission to the annual show and the chance for striking up a friendships with some great fellow knife makers.

For membership info contact:
Nancy McLaughlin
1439 S. 5th W
Missoula, MT 59801   USA
406-728-2861 or email